An odd Hotel Jesus and Canon G7X Mark II review, and some advice for content creators

A couple of weeks ago I finally managed to get my hands on a Canon G7x Mark ii. Apparently the tragic earthquakes in Japan left the company struggling to fill orders as one of the factories that creates the censors was left in ruins.

On the same day, my girlfriend and I decided to check out Hotel Jesus, a new Mexican restaurant that had opened in Melbourne that week.

Obviously with a new camera in hand we captured a couple food pics and other random “scenes.”

Being the video enthusiast that I am, no camera test is complete without putting the footage through its paces in Premiere Pro. I must say it grades remarkably well and the quality is close to my main DSLR. Close enough that while travelling or out and about I would much rather sacrifice a little quality for ease of use, portability, and practicality.

So while Norah always loved my taking a DSLR, Gorilla Pod, and Rode external mic to dinner (*sarcasm*), I think this is the much better option. And the camera certainly feels well built enough to handle being thrown around a little while focusing on more important things.

Hotel Jesus was amazing. It has a Mexican cantina vibe, and the food was great. I mentioned in the video that my only criticism was that they had a limited selection of tacos. Matty the owner reached out to me since posting this video and let me know that Hotel Jesus is a Tostaderia, not a taqueria, which not only makes a lot of sense, but gives me another reason to go back. Regardless if you like your tacos or tostadias, I suggest you check it out. 174 Smith St, Collingwood. Great food, great venue, great customer service.

As for the video, like I mentioned, it wasn’t something I intentionally set out to create. But I do believe some of the best content is spontaneous, and I also subscribe to the theory of “just release it.” That’s something I struggled with when I was younger, letting go and releasing what you’ve created. I can’t tell you how many music projects were recorded and never released because we were too precious with them. There’s a Pro Tools session with Bone Thugs and The Outlawz that would have been amazing, but that ship sailed because we hesitated and the release window of relevance expired.

That’s the beauty of vlogging, it’s only really relevant to when it’s created. The when and where gives it context and is as much ingrained into the story as the actual footage. I’ve learned that nothing is ever perfect and nothing is ever finished, but often those imperfections lead to something uniquely great and “real.” So just release it, and move on to creating the next one.

In that spirit, rather than going through and refining this post, I’m just going to click Publish…. Now go eat and create.

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